Melbreak Swifts

Every year in living memory, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming back swifts to our local communities across the Melbreak area. Sadly these remarkable birds that migrate over 5,000 miles from Africa , to raise their young in our local villages and settlements every summer, are in steep decline.

On Tuesday 27 April, 2021, Tanya and Edmund Hoare from Sedbergh Swift Group, gave a fascinating talk about the lives of these iconic and much loved acrobats of our summer skies. Having a colony of swifts returning to their home for the last twenty years, they’ve adapted their house specifically, not only to provide nest sites but also to film them. Tanya and Edmund shared some wonderful, footage, which gave a real insight into the lives of these charismatic birds.

Please also find further information –and links to national and regional swift webpages here

In 2020, following public consultation, The Melbreak Communities applied to the Lake District Communities Fund for funding for ‘The Melbreak Communities Swift Project’. However due to uncertainty caused by Covid-19 the LDNPA application has been on hold ever since. Despite this, with the help of local residents we have already monitored swift screaming parties and nest sites in 2020, reporting information back to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).  Following on from Tanya and Edmund’s inspirational talk this year, we wish to pick up momentum to coordinate swift box placements across the area, as a lack of suitable nest sites is thought to be a key cause of their decline. Find out more about nest boxes: STimpson swift box.


If you are interested in getting involved, please contact with Tanya St. Pierre, who will be coordinating the Project.


2 June 2021

More information on swifts

Calling in the Swifts………this caller attracts the birds to your nest boxes.  If you are in the Melbreak Communities area it may be possible to borrow a caller. Follow this link Swift Call devices.

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