Melbreak Wildlife Group

Would you like to be involved?

The aim of this new group is to provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in wildlife and nature to get together – to share ideas and observations, learn more, and take part in activities large or small that benefit wildlife within the Melbreak communities, and further afield!

The idea for the Melbreak Wildlife Group has been brought about in response to the growing interest in local wildlife, which has been evident in recent hedgehog and swifts talks, and projects and activities around wildlife, nature and conservation that many people have been getting involved in locally.

By working closely with Parish Councils and established community groups such as St. Cuthberts Eco-Church, there is also an opportunity to help existing nature focused projects, and work together to support our local wildlife, in a joined up approach.

We will be using this webpage to share news and activities. Information will also be posted on The Melbreak Communities Facebook page. We are setting up a WhatsApp group, for people to share their wildlife news! Get in touch if you would like to join by emailing me, Tanya St. Pierre at

Want to get started?

Why not help record wildlife in Lorton – see details below. (Melbreak Wildlife Group would like to extend this recording opportunity across the valley, and will get this set up shortly! Watch this space).

Wildlife Recording

We need your records of your wildlife sightings in Lorton!

Either download a recording sheet here or join the Lorton Fauna and Flora group on iNaturalist, see details below:

You can use the browser version of iNaturalist on your computer or download the app for your smartphone or tablet (available via Google Play or App Store) or sign up at

Then, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an account
  2. Go to Projects, and find ‘Lorton Flora and Fauna’
  3. Join ‘Lorton Flora and Fauna’ project
  4. Check out the help videos and information
  5. Start taking photos on your phone or camera and upload them onto to iNaturalist.
  6. The website will try to identify the images once uploaded.

By adding your records here you will help to provide data of local wildlife species in Lorton, enabling us to build a map of species that have been found here from 01 April 2021 onwards. The records will be reviewed, so that we can conduct a wildlife audit. All species recorded on the webpage will also go to Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre, who collate data for both county and national records of all flora and fauna species.

Based on the findings of the audit we can then look at ways to help preserve and protect the habitats of these special species for the benefit of all. We will also create a wildlife map of Lorton to be displayed in the village, so that all can see it.

You can also submit incidental records to Christine Walmsley

Please include the following information

  • Date (All forms acceptable but recommend full dates [DD/MM/YYYY] if possible)
  • Site (Site name where appropriate e.g. Finglandrigg NNR)
  • Location (Additional location information e.g. Carpark)
  • Grid Ref (At relevant resolution e.g. NY 397560)
  • Species (Scientific) (The scientific name is preferred)
  • Species (Common) (Please make sure this is as clear as possible e.g. “Peacock” – Butterfly? Bird? Moth?)
  • Abundance (No. of individuals, e.g. 6 or many ‘If no count given, 1 is assumed’)
  • Type of Abundance (Juveniles, adults, males, females)
  • Comments (Any extra details, e.g. feeding on nettles)
  • Recorder Name (Your Name)
  • Telephone/Mobile (We may need to contact you with questions about your record.)
  • Plus any photos