Community Energy

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There is keen interest in energy issues and the environment amongst the Melbreak Communities. This is shown by the questionnaire results below. We have been looking at the possibilities for a renewable energy project for some time now. Residents are most keen on a hydro project, and this is of course appropriate in an area such as ours, where water power has historically been a very useful source of energy.

In 2018, a small group was set up by MBC to undertake some feasibility work on possibilities for hydro. Border Hydro conducted an initial site search, and three becks were selected as most feasible. These were Whit Beck, Lorton, Mosedale Beck, Loweswater and Mill Beck, Buttermere. The results are summarised in the paper below. Mill Beck was chosen as the most feasible of these and a further feasibility study is currently being undertaken. More information will be found for this project under Mill Beck Hydro under the Activities heading of this website.

There may be other activities developing on community energy so watch this space! There is a good linkage with the Dark Skies project, where there will be significant carbon savings from installing new energy efficient street lighting and possibly reducing the numbers of street lighting units.


Mill Beck Hydro Project