Hints and Tips


Did you know you can install a pouch in your old toilet cistern which reduces the amount of water used every time it is flushed. These are available free of
charge at United Utilities at https://www.unitedutilities.com/help-and-support/savewater/save-a-flush-pack/.

If you have a toilet that is rather more up to date than the one in
church, i.e dual flush or toilets installed after 2000 you can find product to save water too – at


Did you know you can now recycle all your crisp packets thanks to a scheme set up by Friends of Lorton School. You do not need to wash the packets and any brand is accepted (but no popcorn of pringle tubes). Pop in outside school hours and deposit them in the school shed on the playground.


Did you also know that you can take any clean container with a lid into Lindsay’s butcher, Sainsbury’s, Fyne Fish and Booths to buy your meat, cheese, fish etc.

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