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In March 2020 another group of volunteers convened in the Churchyard to plant numerous native trees and plants to both encourage native wildlife and to offset the carbon footprint of the church. We were very lucky to complete this activity only days before the Covid 19 lockdown started. As you can imagine the Eco Church activities have been somewhat curtailed since then but we are now in the process of applying for our Gold Award. During the process of that application I realise just how much we have achieved in the various categories.

Under Worship and Teaching we have held various climate related services as well as our annual harvest festival. We pray on a regular basis for the climate and ‘caring for God’s earth’. I know that many of you enjoyed our Benefice Walk last year and we hope to repeat that in 2021.

It is quite difficult to make our old church building more energy efficient but we do what we can with draught excluders, lighting and saving water. You may have noticed we now have a Food Bank Collection point, a basket where you can leave batteries to be re-cycled and a lending library. Outside there is now a water butt and a cycle rack. We have plans to create a bog garden and continue to work on our wildflower meadow.

Within community and lifestyle we had a stand at the Melbreak Community Coffee morning and also hosted the first ever Swap Shop – something else we hope to repeat in 2021. Watch this space, The Link and the notice boards for news of future events.

On the 29th September 2019, despite rather gloomy weather, a willing band of volunteers gathered at St Cuthbert’s Church to create a wildflower area to the south of the church. The grass had already been cut really short and luckily we had use of an electric scarifier which, with the addition of 3 long extension leads, was used to make a good start clearing the ground. This was supplemented by the use of a great many rakes! Once the ground was prepared we scattered many handfuls of seed and planted numerous wild flower plug plants. This is why the area looks a little bare at the moment, but hopefully from Spring next year it will blossom into a wild flower haven. In the meantime please try to avoid walking on this area.

As this is a joint initiative with Lorton PCC, after a reviving brew and some biscuits the group moved on to CrossgatesAs this is a joint initiative with Lorton PCC, after a reviving brew and some biscuits the group moved on to Crossgates to make a start on the re-wilding of the public areas in Lorton. Please click on this link for further information.

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