Rewilding project

Re-wilding our public spaces in Lorton village.

Some energy was expended on the 29th of October preparing areas of land within the village for the sowing of native wildflower seed.

The first area made ready was within St Cuthbert’s church yard.  The Church has already been awarded Bronze status under the Eco-Church project for various initiatives including caring for the environment and is now working towards a Gold award…click on to find out more information

Lorton Parish Council’s initiative towards re-wilding of public areas in the village started at Crossgates.  The Council paid for the purchase of some native wildflower seed and a selection of plug plants.

The hardy group of volunteers moved from the Church to work on the partially prepared ‘muddy discs’ of land at Crossgates.  The group appreciated the aid of an electric scarifier and a long extension electric lead used to tap into the electricity supply in an adjacent property.

After much effort expended on the ground works, the seeds were scattered, stamped into the ground and the areas cordoned off.  The plug plants were carefully planted on the opposite area of land and into the verge on the way down towards Low Lorton.

So when you walk through the village and wonder why we have two muddy discs of land roped off at Crossgates you will understand what has been going on.  If the weather is kind to us by next spring we should have a splendid show of wild flowers.  This should be not just for Spring 2020 but for many years to come.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone involved.