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  1. Ann peck says:

    Memories of Jean Trafford.
    Dear All,
    It is with sadness, I want you to know that Jean Trafford has passed away at Dalton Court. For those who know the Trafford family including Colin, Jean’s husband, you may be interested to know that Jean’s funeral is being held at St Cuthbert’s Church, Lorton on Tuesday 9th November at 11am.

    Jean Trafford died 30/10/21 at Dalton Court, Cockermouth Aged 80 years, farming formerly at Ullock Mains Farm ,Millbeck and Hopebeck. Mr & Mrs Trafford were married at Lorton and Mrs Trafford’s family (Clark’s) are buried at Lorton

  2. richardeaston2013 says:

    Ann Peck asked me to post this:

    Organ playing for All Souls Day from 2-4pm today at St Cuthbert’s Church Lorton -just pop in -flexible attendance!

  3. Hi Leslie please could you let me have further information on Palace How Wood

  4. Leslie Webb says:

    I have been a member of U3A in Cockermouth for over 10 years – it’s a great place to meet people who are interested in a similar things. Next Saturday 16 October from 11.00-15.00, there’s an Open Day being held at the URC in Cockermouth where you can learn about some of the topics covered and meet some of the Group Leaders. One of the great things about U3A is that, if there’s a subject you’re interested in, but there’s no group in that area, you can start one. If you can’t get to the URC next week, have a look at the website –

  5. Alan Riddiough says:

    Hello there
    How do we purchase advance tickets for the film show on the 26 October 2021 ?
    Thank you
    Alan Riddiough

    • David Gardiner says:

      Hi Alan. Advance tickets are not sold for the film nights. You can just turn up at the Yew Tree Hall on the night and there will be enough space for you!

  6. Christine Pledger says:

    I have arranged for the Great North Air Ambulance Service to collect some unwanted clothing etc. from my home in Low Lorton on Monday 6th September, sometime between 8am and 4pm.
    If anyone else in the valley has items to donate we could help them by doing it on the same date.
    If you ring them on 01325 308139 you could arrange a collection, on that date, from your own home. You don’t need to be in when they call as they will collect from outside.
    Alternatively, you could drop bags at my home on Sunday 5th. If you would like to do this, please call me beforehand on 07711 858994.
    All items donated need to be in bags, but any bags are OK, including bin liners.
    There is a list of items they will take on their website, Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on recycle.

  7. Sarah Clarke says:

    The next Cocker Catchment volunteer group will be meeting near Loweswater on Thursday 8th July, 10am-2pm, when we will be pulling Himalayan balsam along Dub Beck.

    No previous experience is required. All abilities are welcome. If you can’t make the whole event please feel free to just join us for an hour or two.

    Numbers are limited so booking is essential. If you would like to book a place or have any questions please contact Sarah on or 07943 497672.

  8. Sarah Clarke says:

    Here are some dates for volunteer events in July with West Cumbria Rivers Trust:

    Thursday 1st July 2pm-7pm Himalayan balsam pulling near Loweswater
    Thursday 8th July 10am-2pm Cocker Catchment Volunteer Group – Himalayan balsam pulling at Dub Beck
    Tuesday 13th July 3pm-7pm Himalayan balsam pulling at Simonscales, Cockermouth (very limited parking)
    Wednesday 21st July 9.30am-3pm Glenderamackin Volunteer Group – Himalayan balsam pulling (& hedge maintenance if time allows) near Threlkeld

    Further information about all of our events can be found at

    Please get in touch with me at if you have any questions or would like to attend any of these events.

    Kind Regards,
    West Cumbria Rivers Trust

  9. Ann Peck says:

    THIS MORNING – anyone going to the Plant trail fro 10am this morning at Silver Meadows -can we share a lift> Ann Peck0190085236

  10. Ann peck says:

    ‘Balsam Bashing’ I could go over to Keswick for their Saturday balsam bashing but would prefer.. to be doing something on the same lines here in Lorton area -anyone know of anything?

  11. Sarah Clarke says:

    Cocker Catchment Volunteer Group

    West Cumbria Rivers Trust are looking for people to join our new practical volunteer group in the Cocker catchment. Meeting on the second Thursday of the month, the Cocker Catchment Volunteer Group will help with practical conservation tasks ranging from tree and hedge planting to invasive species management.

    Our first event is on Thursday 10th June, 10am-2pm, when we will be pulling Himalayan balsam on a site near Loweswater.

    No previous experience is required. All abilities are welcome. Support will be available throughout. Further information about the location and what to bring will be provided when you contact Sarah.

    Numbers are limited so booking is essential. If you would like to book a place or have any questions please contact Sarah on or 07943 497672.

  12. Leslie Webb says:

    New Vale of Lorton folly?
    There is a new structure on what I will call Littlethwaite Hill (GR143246). Is this some sort of folly as it cannot have any practical use in that location and there appears to be no planning permission granted. If it was a living space of some sort (but surely not), it must have a superb view up the Vale of Lorton, but the views from the surrounding fells may not be quite as good as they used to be. Has anyone seen this or anything similar lurking by hedges or woodland in the valley? If not, have a look at

  13. Ann peck says:

    Sorry to bother…is there a zoom for Melbreak and 77club -I can’t see it on the diary but its been pencilled in on my diary -I;m not usually that efficient!

    • Glenis Postlethwaite says:

      Dear Anne,
      There will be a Melbreak Communities meeting towards the end of Feb. Date yet to be confirmed. I will ask Carolyn to keep you informed. 77 Club…I don’t know but hopefully they will have read your message.

    • Chris Poate says:

      Ann, There is a Community Zoom meeting on Monday 22nd Feb at 7.00 pm with Rosie Watson describing her ‘Running from Loweswater to Mongolia. It is organised by the 77 Club and Melbreak Communities. To join you need to request the link from John Hudson or Carolyn Davis. It is advertised in The February Link ! Chris p

  14. richardeaston2013 says:

    Don Smith asked me to post this:

    Hello to you all in the Melbreak Communities!
    My name is Don Smith and I live just across the fells in Eaglesfield. Some of you may know me through our shared connection with Grasmoor Mission Community or the occasional events and services held at The Fell Chapel.
    After ten years of hard work, I have just published my first novel … during Covid! Oh well, my timing not great! However, the two storylines for The Cause of Reason are based on time – in fact, one takes the reader back to before creation itself! The other, the worldly story, is set in 18th century Cumberland in the Newlands Valley and acts as the carrier for an insight to a much greater fulness of reality beyond time.
    I describe it as a journey of the mind that began with my own curiosity to discover just why and how we, as humankind, with all our values and beliefs, have arrived at where we are today. We all have questions about life: its meaning, its sorrows and joys, its future and, sometimes, its end; The Cause of Reason crosses boundaries of time, thought, and study to deliver an answer to one woman’s search for peace.

    I am pleased to say that from the 9th to the 28th January, there will be 25% discount (to the paperback version) for the Melbreak Communities – use MELCOM25 as the coupon code when you select the BUY NOW button from my secure website There are Extracts and Insights pages on the website to give you an idea of the content and thinking behind the story.
    I am more than happy to speak to groups (post Covid lockdown!) or donate a copy of the book for fundraising purposes – please contact me direct on 0777 202 1852 if you have any questions.
    Thank you for your time and forbearance!
    Best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year

  15. Happy new year to all from West Cumbria Rivers Trust. As many of you will know, we’re working in the area on habitat improvements and natural flood management. A project in Whinlatter Forest is due to start this month, working with Forestry England. We’re installing a number of leaky dams in the forest, using local contractors. Timber and woody materials from the forest are placed into the becks and forest drains, and secured. These are designed to reduce the downstream flood peak by temporarily storing water by holding it back within the beck, or encouraging it to spill over the banks. These features are mimicking natural processes such as when a tree falls across a beck, where woody debris accumulates behind. They will also add to the biodiversity of the forest. The features will be monitored. The project is funded by the Environment Agency as part of a wider project in the Cocker catchment, working with farmers & landowners. For more info, visit our website Or email Annabelle Kennedy (Project Officer) / call 07947 221 054. I’ll be hosting site visits when things return to (near) normal.

  16. Diana Clarke says:

    Dear Melbreak Communities,
    Thank you so much for the mince pies, chocolates and card so beautifully presented and left on my doorstep on Christmas Day – and it must have been Christmas Day or very very late Christmas Eve after I’d gone to be – like a kindly Christmas elf! So thoughtful and touching and kind. Thank you so much. Big virtual hugs to whoever it was, love Diana at High Swinside

  17. richardeaston2013 says:

    Pam Bath asked me to post this:

    Dear Melbreak Communities
    I found a present from you on my doorstep this Christmas morning with a card posted in the letter box. I’m sorry my doorbell is not working, otherwise I might have been able to thank whoever dropped it off. This is most thoughtful of the Melbreak team to encourage those celebrating Christmas on their own.
    A heartfelt thanks for this kind Christmas touch.
    Low Lorton

  18. richardeaston2013 says:

    Rosemary Riley asked me to post this.

    Click to access hunter-jan-2021.pdf

  19. Chris Poate says:

    Please note ! Change of time.! The Mobile Post Office now calls at Broomcroft Lorton at 13.25 until 13.45. Avoid those queues in Cockermouth and use our local service. Cash available and range of Post Office Services.

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