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October 2020
The fifth anniversary of the opening of the shop has just been celebrated:


People in Lorton have been celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Lorton Village Shop also known as the ‘Shed with a View’. The site has been used for a shop for around 100 years but the last shop had been closed for a few years when Lee, Arwen and their daughter Kelda moved into the Valley and took it on 5 years ago. The shop is a focal point of the community and has made a real difference to the people of High and Low Lorton. They have always gone out of their way to help the older residents of the village but during lockdown and the ongoing Covid restrictions, they have kept the village supplied with essentials and delivered orders to people who are self-isolating. 

In the past Lee and Arwen have organised events for the village to mark the anniversaries but this year, because of Covid, their plans had been shelved. They arrived at the shop on Friday to find it had been decorated up with two new planters and home-made bunting that people in the village had been secretly decorating with messages and pictures. People think very highly of the family, they work incredibly hard for our community and it was good to let them know how much they’re valued. The shop reflects Lee and Arwen’s ethical and environmental priorities and supports many of our community activities.

Messages included:

“The Shed with a View, the Heart of the Community”

“Thank you for my daily bread ….. and everything else”

“Five Years, Five Star Shop”

“Lockdown Lifeline”